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Established: July 11,1936
Encompassing: Imperial and San Diego Counties
Square Miles: 8,852

Total Population: 3,279,153
Catholic Population: 1,002,223

Parishes: 98
Missions: 13

Preschools: 38
Elementary Schools: 45
High Schools: 6
Higher Education: 3

Priests of the Diocese of San Diego
Active with Diocesan Assignment: 98
Active without Diocesan Assignment: 7
Active outside the Diocese: 3
Retired in the Diocese: 51
Retired outside the Diocese: 5

Priests from other Dioceses:
Active with Diocesan Assignment: 23
Active without Assignment: 18
Retired: 23

Religious Order Priests:
Active with Diocesan Assignment: 32
Active without Assignment: 38
Retired: 14

Permanent Deacons of the Diocese of San Diego
Active in the Diocese: 106
Active outside the Diocese: 12
Retired in the Diocese: 35
Retired outside the Diocese: 7

Permanent Deacons from other Dioceses
Active in the Diocese: 6
Retired in the Diocese:

Religious Order Permanent Deacons:
Retired: 1

Religious Sisters: 213
Religious Brothers: 30