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Survey for the Parishes
Greetings from the “new” Office for Family Life and Spirituality. Allow me to introduce myself – My name is Joe Dowling and I’m an Associate Director in the aforementioned office focusing on Ministry for the Separated/Divorced in the San Diego diocese. In this new position, I’d love to learn about the ministry and outreach that is already taking place in our parishes to support our separated/divorced sisters and brothers. I’m aware of the “Beginning Experience” weekend retreats that are held a few times each year in the diocese, but in addition to these retreats, are there other separated/divorced support groups meeting in your parish? My hope is to gather this information from the parishes and to set up a network of support where we can share ideas and resources to address this underserved need. With this in mind, I’m asking each parish to complete the following survey by clicking on the link below. Thanks in advance for your kind participation.

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