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Updated list of accused priests

In 2007, as part of its bankruptcy proceeding, the diocese published a list of priests who had been credibly accused of abusing minors. The list was split into two parts—one listing priests from the San Diego and San Bernardino dioceses and another listing visiting priests from other dioceses and religious orders. In 1978, the Diocese of San Bernardino separated from the Diocese of San Diego. Until then, they were one diocese.


Recently, as part of an effort to respond to questions from parishioners and the public, the diocese began a review of its records to see if additional names should be added to that list.


As a result of that review, we have added to the original list any name of an incardinated priest of the diocese of San Diego for whom there was a credible allegation of the sexual abuse of a minor that occurred after 1950. We have also added the name of any priest of another diocese or religious order against whom the diocese of San Diego has received a credible allegation of an act of sexual abuse against a minor which occurred when that priest was in a diocesan or parish assignment in the diocese of San Diego. For deceased priests, their names have been added to the list when there was more than one allegation of the sexual abuse or a minor, both because these priests cannot respond to the accusation and because they now pose no harm to other victims.


This updated list constitutes 52 priests over the span of the past 68 years, and details where they served during their priesthood in San Diego. None of these priests is in active ministry. All of them have either been laicized, left the priesthood, or had any faculties from the diocese of San Diego stripped from them.


If anyone feels they have been abused by clergy or knows someone who has, we urge you to report it to local law enforcement. If you need counseling, please contact our Victim Assistance Hotline at 858-490-8353 and, at no expense to you, we can refer you to an independent therapist, not associated with the Diocese.


The pain suffered by victims of clergy abuse can never be forgotten or excused. Please keep them in your prayers.


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